Friday, September 27, 2013

Cat Got Your Katzenzungen Cat Tongue Chocolates?


I've heard about the sweet treats known as chocolate cat tongues in my travels, so when I recently came across a box at a Polish food stand in a local flea market, I couldn't resist giving the strange sounding delicacy a shot. 

Oh hells no. -- Charlie

According to Wikipedia, the candy, which is made out of chocolate and NOT ACTUAL CAT TONGUES, is common in European and South American countries, where they are known as "Katzenzunge" (German), "langue de chat" (French), "kočičí jazýčky" (Czech), and "Língua de gato" (Portuguese). The slightly morbid snacks have been around since the 1900s, but I still haven't been able to pin down exactly how and why they came to be.

My box of Katzenzungen, which was manufactured in Berlin and purchased in New Jersey, came in an adorable box festooned with vintage kittens on it. Inside, I found the sweetly scented body parts, which taste like...chocolate. 

I probably would have enjoyed them more if they were plain dark or milk chocolate (not a big fan the marbled mix), but white chocolate notwithstanding, they're still a fun novelty item that's purrfect for charming (or alarming) the crazy cat people in your life.



Janine said...

It's a strange named little treat. But, if it's chocolate, count me in to try it. I love chocolate.

Texas, a Cat in... Austin said...

My human baked some for my purrhtday (the cupcakes were for my Gotcha Day) and posted the recipe on her bloggie. Little biscuits covered with dark chocolate on one side.
I thought the name was strange too!

Anonymous said...

Hallo, ich komme aus Deutschland und musste lachen, als ich deinen Post las. Mein Englisch ist schlecht, ich hoffe, du verstehst dennoch, was ich schreibe.
Ich kenne Katzenzungen schon als kleines Kind (bin heute 26 Jahre alt). Es gibt sie in mehreren Schokoladensorten.

Sie heißen Katzenzungen, weil sie von der Form her wie Löffelbiskuit aussehen. Löffelbiskuit wird im französischen auch Katzenzungen genannt. Daher wohl der Name.

In reiner Milchschokolade schmecken sie am besten. :-)

Viele Grüße

(Hello, I'm from Germany and I had to laugh so when I read your post. My english is very very bad, so I hope you understand me.
I'm 26 years old and I know cat tongues since my childhood. They are so funny and cat tongues milkchocolate tastes the best (oh my god, is this correct? ^.^) They are called Cat Tongues "Katzenzungen" because they looks like spoon biscuit (? - Löffelbiskuit) and in france they say to spoon-biscuit Katzenzungen also. Huh.. this is confusing.

Best wishes <3)


Katie Isabella said...

My son brought some home from Austria a few months ago. He even brought a box for me. :-)

Finance, Trading and self care. Lifestyle. said...

I tought it was food for cats.

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