Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lil Bub's Lil Book Review

Lil Bub's Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life Of The Most Amazing Cat On The Planet

There's just something about Lil Bub. I experienced it when I met her at the Philadelphia SPCA in April, and marveled at the way she touched people, even causing them to cry in her presence. 

My friends at Catster recently hosted the feline phenom when she was visiting in San Francisco, and found that she had a similar effect on their assistant editor, Liz Acosta, who wrote:

"In person, BUB is quite possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. There is something beautiful and serene and perfect about her that feels like sitting on a beach watching the sun sink into the ocean or akin to listening to the rain while cozied up in bed. And her fur is even softer than I ever could have dreamed."

Earlier this month, the tiny triple-threat released her book, Lil Bub's Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life Of The Most Amazing Cat On The Planet, in conjunction with an online talk show and documentary. Two years old, and already a published author, movie star, and talk show host. And what have you been doing with your life?

If Grumpy Cat is the Jennifer Lawrence of the cat world, Lil Bub is its Lady Gaga, a castaway from the Island of Misfit Toys, encouraging those who are different, or who just feel different, to embrace and love the things that make them special. 

Much like Gaga, Bub also came down to Earth in a spaceship (from the planet Bub Ub Bub, natch), and has made it her mission to raise awareness about spaying and neutering pets. She also hopes to show how important it is to be compassionate toward those who are born different, and maybe even inspire someone to adopt and take care of a special pet of their own.

Henri, le Chat Noir lends a paw of support for his fellow feline.

The full-color book, with its purple, pink, and lime green cover, is as small and adorable as the cat herself, and was written by Bub with a little help from her notoriously humble dude, Mike Bridavsky.

In addition to space adventures, skateboarding, and an ongoing quest for fishies, the hardcover also features special appearances by some very famous friends like Colonel Meow, Henri, le Chat Noir, and Bub's very own boyfriend, Smoosh.

Colonel Meow's plot for world domination continues.

While you can expect more "Bub-isms" than an actual storyline, what the book lacks in plot it makes up for with incredible photography and fan art that captures the miracle of Bub, a creature who is truly content with just being her amazing self.

More than just an adorable interlude, it is a must read for fans of the online icon, but don't just take my word for it: As Lil Bub herself says, "This is the best book I have ever read or written." 

Lil Bub's Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life Of The Most Amazing Cat On The Planet, published by Gotham Books, is available now on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book for review, but all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Images courtesy of Lil Bub, unless otherwise noted.



katsrus said...

Thank you for the review. Lil Bub is so adorable. I really enjoy these type of cat books.
Sue B

Jenn said...

That looks like a book I would really enjoy reading. I love Lil Bub!

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