Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dapper Stray Cat Promoted To Assistant Librarian At Russian Children's Library

Kuzya, Assistant Cat Librarian

Novorossiysk children's library in Russia has its own Dewey the Library Cat, in the form of a stray tabby who worked his way up from street cat to assistant librarian, faster than you can say, "Is this book overdue?" in Russian.

RocketNews reports that the cat showed up one day in search of food and shelter, and the kind library staff couldn't resist his sweet nature. Since he lacked the proper documentation to stay, they obtained him an official kitty passport, which required he receive a microchip implant and rabies vaccination. 

Due to his punctuality and strong work ethic, the feline bibliophile was recently promoted to the position of assistant librarian by special order of the library director. 

As part of the advancement, he is entitled to 30 cans of cat food a month, extra treats, and scratches behind the ears. There's no word on if his spiffy new bow-tie was part of the bonus package, or just an effort on his part to look more purr-fesional in the workplace. 

Kuzya's responsibilities include sleeping (check), looking cute (check), and entertaining young visitors. He has been featured on the local news, has his own page on the library's website, and advises students to read more books about pets.

Kuzya isn't Russia's only famous working feline. The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is also home to a troupe of cat guards, who were recently honored with their own fancy portraits.

Via RocketNews / Images: YouTube / Novorossiysk Children's Library



Traveling Cats said...

One reason more to go to Russia.

Anonymous said...

This story just melted my heart! He is adorable!! =)

Unknown said...

That cat is adorable! I LOVE his bowtie! Thank you awesome librarians in Russia!!!

Katie Isabella said...

Oh how wonderful he is!!!

Unknown said...

This is such a great story. It just goes to show what can happen when a cat dresses for success. kitties...kitties...where are you...I have an idea.

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