Thursday, September 19, 2013

EVA Air Hello Kitty "Hand-in-Hand" Jet Makes Its U.S. Debut

EVA Air Hello Kitty Hand-in-Hand Jet 

Yesterday, the EVA Air Hello Kitty Hand-in-Hand jet landed at Los Angeles International Airport in California, making its inaugural international flight from Taipei. This incredible plane is a Hello Kitty fan's dream come true, and when I saw pics from the event popping up on my Instagram feed from @sanrio, @catfancymag, and @japanla, I must admit I was pretty jealous!

The super kawaii aircraft is painted nose-to-tail with Hello Kitty & her Sanrio friends, shown hand-in hand, on both sides of the fuselage.

Pilot Dear Daniel and a beary cute airplane mechanic.

Of course, the plane's arrival was greeted to much fanfare, and after landing, it was moved to a special event area where fans could take a cabin tour, and enjoy special appearances by the cat herself, and lead Hello Kitty designer, Yuko Yamaguchi.

When they say this jet is "all Hello Kitty everything," they really mean it!

The experience begins before you even get on the plane, with Hello Kitty boarding passes and baggage stickers waiting for you at the airport. Onboard, passengers are greeted by flight attendants wearing pink aprons with Hello Kitty designs!

There are more than 100 feline-themed in-flight service items to choose from, including headrest covers, pillows, tissues, hand cream, liquid hand soap, napkins, paper cups, utensils, and snacks and meals. 

I mean, even the freaking toilet paper has Hello Kitty on it! 

Fans can also shop from a selection of limited-edition Hello Kitty duty-free products that will be available inflight.

The new jet will operate weekly international flights between Los Angeles and Taipei, so for now, you'll have to head to California if you want to fly the kitty skies. EVA Air currently operates five shorter-range Hello Kitty aircrafts in Asia -- with regional flights between Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Guam.   

Images courtesy of Sanrio.



Sparkle said...

Aw man! My human is pretty jealous too because we LIVE in L.A. and didn't know it was gonna be here. :-(

Jenn said...

That is so cool, I would love to be on that plane!

Fiona said...

Oh my goodness, beyond amazing!!

Jeremy Norton said...

This is absolutely cool. Wish I could get into that plane even just once.

Unknown said...

This is wonderful, I want to fly on this airline!...Meow!!!

Katie Isabella said...

Don't you just LOVE it???

Texas, a Cat in... Austin said...

There you go, my human is jealous too!

sassyNpunk said...

Well it's about time!! Hey i have that toilet paper too hehe! I never use it tho, it's too cute. i have the cinnamoroll Sanrio design. =^.^=
You should write to this airline, Stephani!! Maybe they will send you on a trip to report on all the cute!! hehe

Lolcat Lisa said...

Hello Kitty toilet paper?! Now I've seen everything!

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