Friday, June 7, 2013

Hamilton The Hipster Cat Mustache You A Question

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Some cats wear tuxedos, while others sport a permanent 'stache. The internet's latest emerging celebrikitty is Hamilton the Hipster Cat, a gorgeous gray maned puss from San Francisco. According to SFGate, the Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest mix had trouble getting adopted from the shelter at first because of his skittish nature, until he found a home with comedian Jay Stowe.

Now, the considerably calmer feline is winning over fans with the most impressive mustache you've ever seen. In addition to spawning memes and possessing popular profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Ham also has a t-shirt deal in the works with Urban Outfitters, and a manager is on the horizon, too.

As Stowe tells SFGate, "I learned early on that I will never be able to compete with Ham’s mustache. It’s just easier to let him be the debonair one in the house." Gentlemen, throw away your razors, because it doesn't get any better than this.



katsrus said...

Just adorable.
Sue B

Katie Isabella said...

You are THE absolute most darling cat EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

VERY CUTE!!! But, the title(for me)of cutest cat ever is still reserved for grumpy cat. Very cute though. They also said that he was having trouble getting adopted. WHO ON EARTH WOULDN'T WANT HIM?!?

Unknown said...

I like his title of the "MOST INTERESTING CAT IN THE WORLD"...He's definitely the most dashing, suave & debonair hipster cat around! Another favorite is Lil Bub/THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZING CAT.

I enjoyed seeing both of them over the past weekend. Lil Bub was celebrating her 2nd birthday via Google hangout; Hamilton was one of the celebricats at the party.

Rock on, Hammie....

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