Friday, September 6, 2013

NYC Subway Kittens Find Foster Home, Appear On The Colbert Report

Arthur and August

Two wayward kittens who single-handedly shut down subway service in Brooklyn last week, are back in the news. Arthur and August, who are approximately 8 weeks old, suspended service for nearly two hours and delayed thousands of commuters on the Q and B lines, while rescuers desperately tried to lure them off the tracks. 


The delay caused controversy for mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, who said he didn't think it was appropriate to halt subway service just to spare their lives. 

The kittens during their Colbert debut.

Last night, the kittens made an appearance on The Colbert Report with foster dad Steven Liu, where Colbert challenged Lhota's position as a "pro-dead kitten candidate," putting him in the category of "sociopaths, rats large enough to vote, and Alf." (If you don't have a sense of humor/are easily offended, I would encourage you not to watch the clip). 


Yesterday, The New York Daily News also reported on the duo's luxurious foster home accommodations in Bushwick, which they share with Liu and his roommates. Arthur and August have all of the toys, scratching posts, and cardboard kitty towers they can shake a paw at, making me wonder if they didn't get lost on purpose.


Liu runs the Scratching Pad blog, and says the kittens are shy and scared, but still enjoy "some good old chin and butt scratches."

He tells me that the infamous pair will be up for adoption in roughly four weeks, and interested parties can file an application through Animal Care & Control of NYC.

Visit the The New York Daily News for more adorable pics of the kittens in their new digs, and check out Steve's blog for ongoing updates on Arthur and August, and adventures in foster cat care.

Images courtesy of Steven Liu.



Lolcat Lisa said...

First, Christianne Amar-purr and now the Subway Kittens. Colbert knows what people want to see on TV: CATS!

Anonymous said...

Love the story, love the kittens, and I love Stephen Colbert, but his bit challenging Lohta to "Kill These Kittens" was too much for me!

Catsparella said...

@Anon Agreed! He could have done without the last bit :)

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