Monday, September 2, 2013

Cat Fashion Comes To The Mall This Fall

H&M T-Shirt Dress

When I first started writing about cat fashion, it was always a treat to find the odd cat-inspired item. Now, just over three years later, feline fashion has gone so mainstream that you can't walk into H&M without bumping into a kitty-sweatshirt clad mannequin.

I was beside myself on a trip to the mall last week, where cat fashion was not only in abundance, but affordable (hardly any item I saw topped $29.95), and proudly on display in stores like Hot Topic, Forever 21, and H&M. 

While the reality is that cats will probably soon be replaced by the next cuddly creature of choice, for now I will enjoy living in a time where I can go to Target to pick up some kitty litter -- and leave with a cat sweater to match.

(All items available online are linked beneath the photo.)

Hot Topic

Goodie Two Sleeves Hip Cat Reversible Tote

Hot Topic, the goth chain I used to visit in high school to stock up Marilyn Manson t-shirts and shoelaces for my Doc Martens, has gone completely kitty crazy with a wide selection of cat fashion and accessories.

Iron Fist Black Cat Leggings

I also found some spectacular cat leggings and a black cat dress.

Cat Dress

You can also stock up on those Taco Cat headphones and the hipster kitty wallet you didn't know you needed... 

Taco Cat Headphones

Forever Cat Mini Hinge Wallet

The store is also home to official Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat gear.

Wall o' Grumpy Cat  and Keyboard Cat Moon tees

Forever 21

For the ultimate fast feline fashion fix, Forever 21 can't be beat. I saw numerous mannequins covered in cats, and two cat shirts on display in the window. 

If you're more into feline linguistics, there were no less than three "Meow" inspired tees, and a covet worthy necklace to match.

Meow High-Low Tee

Shredded Meow Tee

Cat DJs were another popular motif.

DJ Kitty Muscle Tee

And don't leave before stopping by the register to get your paws on some cute kitten socks.



H&M has always been feline-friendly, but I was definitely impressed by their bold graphics and all-over cat prints.

Sheer Oversized Tank Top

Sweatshirt Top

My pick of the litter? The black cat covered tees, skirts, and dresses, that brought to mind the catty creations of designer Leah Goren.

Jersey Dress


While technically not a mall store, it's worth mentioning that even the bullseye couldn't resist jumping on the cat fashion bandwagon. My Twitter pal @ItsMeDeaner shared a snap of this kitten sweatshirt she saw in-store last week, while I encountered a quirky red cat sweater while picking up some shampoo on Saturday.

Xhiliration Cat Graphic Sweater

Looking for even more cat fashion? For a limited time, get FREE SHIPPING in the Catsparella Shop on tees, totes, and the newly priced tote & tee combo pack, when you enter in coupon code "CHARLIE" at checkout (U.S. only)!

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Katie Isabella said...

I ought to enter the lottery and then, if I win, buy them ALL!

Anonymous said...


Kristin said...

Do you happen to have a link to the black cat tshirt and skirt at H&M? I really want them, but looked on their site and I couldn't find them. Thanks!! :)

Catsparella said...

Kristin: I couldn't find them on the site either, so I assume they are sold out online or only available in-store :(

Kristin said...

thanks for checking!! I'll have to head over to the store asap! :)

katsrus said...

Those are so cute. Now I want to go to the mall. LOL.
Sue B

Kendy P said...

i want to wear it all!!! said...

Drat! Why do they never have cat clothes for males? After all, a lot of guys love cats, too.


Jenn said...

Hello! I heard about your blog from Katie Isabella. I also love everything cats!

Catsparella said...

@cat I'll keep an eye out! I have seen some man cat fashion too!

Catsparella said...

Hello, Jenn! Welcome! :)

Traveling Cats said...

That's a lot of cat fashion. My favorites are the H&M items, especially the first shirt, the skirt and the dress. I could definitely see myself wearing those. And those cat hangers too!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

these are some of the BEST that I have ever seen!!! I love that first shirt....but keeping my mouth quiet with the black pants and the cat face at the crotch :)

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