Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Belt Line Cat Piper Trades In His Pipe For A Forever Home


Back in March we met Piper, a saucy black cat who made his home inside a drainage pipe located on Atlanta Belt Line's East Side Trail. The kitty gained national attention after someone installed a tiny mailbox outside of his humble abode, where adoring fans of all ages left letters, food, catnip, and bedding for the friendly feline, who also kept in touch via Facebook and Twitter.

Things changed earlier this month though, when the social media savvy feline announced that he was looking to sell his pipe, citing construction noise, property taxes, and no A/C as factors in making the difficult decision:

Fortunately, a local developer quickly caught wind of the situation, and made the entrepreneurial feline an offer he (almost) couldn't refuse:

After initially turning down what he perceived to be a low bid (he thought ONE MILLION DOLLARS was more befitting of a celebrity cat's home), he finally conceded to $10k plus some gourmet cat food to seal the deal. The only problem was, where was Piper going to live now?

He sent out a tweet looking for an affordable rental near the Belt Line, and immediately got an amazing lead:

A deal was quickly struck, and on Friday he packed his boxes and headed for his forever home:

Piper promises to keep in touch with fans while settling into his new space. On Saturday he posted this pic on Facebook with the caption, "Took a nap in the landlord's lap earlier. Now I'm checking out the view from the kitchen. Tomatoes!"


Congrats on your new life Piper! We love you!

Via Twitter (@beltlinepiper) / Facebook (Belt Line Piper)



enigmachine said...

What a great story. All cats should find forever homes, should they want to.

Minakitty said...

This is so sweet. :)

Sparkle said...

What an awesome ending to Piper's story! I'm glad he found a home - I was actually a little worried about him out there on his own.

FMH said...

Piper is a she, albeit fixed, as all roaming kitties should be.

Catsparella said...

FMH: I wasn't sure, but he mentioned being neutered!

Katie Isabella said...

That gave me leaky eyes in the best of ways. THANK you for this sweet happy ending.

meowmeowmans said...

LOVE it. Way to go, Piper! :)

Kristina said...

Piper's story warms my heart, and not just because it's a local story. So glad Piper now has a forever home and no longer has to worry about a leaky roof, not having A/C, and the awful construction noise. Such a great story...wish more like this would make the news. :)

AngieM. said...

this actually made me cry. there are good people

i hope they continue to do updates once in awhile on Piper.

Erin O'Riordan said...

If only every stray kitty could find a nice forever home.

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