Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Feisty Felines Of Megan Lynn Kott

I Own The Internet

Thanks to my friend Megan over at Hey Kitty Kitty, I was recently introduced to the artwork of Megan Lynn Kott, one half of Oakland, CA based art collective, Oakland Drink and Draw.

I Hope It's A Bird...

If You Died

Kott's original watercolor cat paintings are exceedingly clever, and several were recently exhibited at the Oakland Cat Video Film Fest back in May. It's easy to see why the original run of prints sold out at the festival within a few hours, but now they're back by popular demand! 

I Am Waiting (Patiently)

Tomorrow Will Be Worse

Megan has over a decade of experience as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator, and describes herself as a lifelong cat lover, whose first word was "kitty." Her ailurophilia comes through in her delightful designs, which mix kitty cuteness, with astute observations on the feline species.

Cats On Cats

Bitches Be Frontin'

Check out Megan's prints for sale over at Hey Kitty Kitty, and in the Decisions & Revisions Etsy shop. She also has a Tumblr where you can follow her art here.



Georgia said...

Beautiful art!! I like them all.

Unknown said...

Beautiful art!

Unknown said...

these artwork are beautiful!

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