Monday, July 8, 2013

Bored Felines Encouraged To "Be More Dog" In Innovative Telecom Campaign

O2 - Be More Dog

The suggestion to "Be More Dog" could be seen as an affront to cat people, but UK telecom provider O2 is betting that their new campaign, encouraging customers to embrace their inner canine, will have dog and cat lovers alike running to sign up for their services.

Over 10 million dollars was reportedly poured into the project, which aims to "spread positivity, excitement and inquisitiveness" by getting people to "embrace their inner dog". The commercial features a formerly bored kitty chasing cars, fetching sticks, and engaging in other happy-go-lucky activities normally reserved for pups ("Carpe diem. It means grab the frisbee!" the voiceover proclaims). 

O2 Marketing and consumer director, Gary Booker told The Guardian, "We're living in one of the most exciting eras as far as technology goes... but somehow we've got a little jaded by it all.

"'Be more dog' is all about encouraging Britain to embrace the new, have a go with the unknown and dabble in innovation. We're also gearing up for our 4G launch later this summer, so it's the perfect time to get the nation trying more and being a little bit more dog."

While cute, the whole idea that cats need any help getting jazzed about technology is quite puzzling, considering all they've done to take over the internet in just a few short years.

And how are cats themselves responding to the battle cry of #bemoredog?

In the words of the world's foremost philosophical and ennui-filled feline, Henri, le Chat Noir, "Good god, no. Not even a little bit."



Sparkle said...

UGH! Both my human and I are horribly offended by this campaign. I would blog about it but don't want to give it more publicity. I wish it would die a quiet death.

Claudia said...

My cats and I love it, it is soo funny...

We are catpeople, 3 cats at home but have a huge love for dogs too... It is a great joke.

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