Friday, March 22, 2013

Cat Who Lives In A Pipe Receives Mail, Corresponds With Fans Through Facebook And Twitter

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What do you call a cat who lives in a pipe? Piper, of course!

Piper makes her home inside a drainage pipe located on Atlanta Belt Line's East Side Trail, and delights everyone who crosses her path. Someone recently installed a tiny mailbox outside of her humble abode, where adoring fans of all ages leave cards and letters, in addition to food and treats, toys, catnip, and bedding. 


The cat has become a local celebrity of sorts, with one woman telling an 11Alive reporter"She inspires me to get some exercise to feed her....Today she's being a cat so she's ignoring us."

"I Love Piper"

"Dear Piper, I'm a cat lover and I wanna help you. For starters here's some food, water and catnip. Hope you enjoy. Love, Roen R."

According to the Belt Line Piper Facebook page, Piper is a "well-loved, well-fed, feral / TNR," whose motto is, "Stay Frisky, My Friends." When I asked her to confirm her sex for me, the gender neutral kitty replied, "Well, at this point I'm sort of 'none of the above' if you take my meaning ;)"

"Piper - I don't understand, but it doesn't matter. You brought me here and now I've enjoyed your company. Thank you. - Stephanie"

"Thanks for visiting me everybody. Kittens love friends, especially ones like you! Love, Piper the Black Cat"

The feral feline doesn't really like to be pet, instead preferring to communicate through her popular Facebook and Twitter pages, where she uploads and responds to many of the cards and letters she receives, from the comfort of her kitty cave. 

If I knew you could get WiFi from inside a metal pipe, I would have moved into one a long time ago.

Via CNN / 11AliveFacebook (Belt Line Piper)



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