Friday, July 26, 2013

Cat Enthusiastically Reunites With Owner After Six Month Separation

Cat Sees Owner After Six Month Leave

YouTuber pointforgotten decided to turn the notion of a joyful pet reunion on its head with a parody showing what happens when a black cat named Charlie (not be confused with my black cat named Charlie) comes face to face with his owner after a six month leave. 

Charlie: "If you want a friend, get a dog."

On the other hand, maybe Charlie could take some cues from this friendly feline, who has no problem greeting his human with high fives (in exchange for some treats, of course!).

Cute Cool Cat High Five

Update: Here's what happened when Charlie found out his video went viral.

Cat Hears His Video Went Viral



katsrus said...

Love all of those.
Sue B

meowmeowmans said...

Haha. Our Moosey is definitely NOT like Charlie. He is so excited when we come home from work that he waits at the door. :)

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