Friday, February 8, 2013

Twitter Adds LOLcat Language Option, Because Cats Use The Internet Too

Many already consider LOLspeak to be the official language of the internet, and Twitter just added muscle to that claim by introducing the feline dialect to their list of supported languages. In an announcement made earlier this afternoon via kitten, the social network revealed that users can now update to LOLCATZ language through their settings page, to view the site from a cat's perspective.

Yes, it's true!

So what does it all mean? The Home icon becomes "Hum" and Discover changes to "Discovr", while more obvious modifications include "VIEW MAH PROFILE PUJ", "EXPAN. KTHX.", and "Direct Messujs KTHXBYE!". 

The language update is still in beta, and may be subtle -- but comes as a relief to millions of cats in the Twittersphere, who no longer have to waste time figuring out "hoo 2 follow" and where to check their "interacshuns" before compozin a new tweet.

Via @Twitter / Mashable



meowmeowmans said...

Wow, really? That's seriously cool! I will definitely have to try that out!

Catsparella said...

@meowmeowmans Yes, it's true..too early to be an April Fool's joke! :) Try it out, it's pretty funny!

hmacross said...

More proof that the internet is made of cats. Although I believe if cats could talk, it would be in very proper English (or other language) and they would always speak with proper grammar. Oh, an a bit condescending too.

Sparkle said...

Argh! And I have been working so HARD to raise the IQ quotient of felinespeak.

Lolcat Lisa said...

I can has a bi-lingual? Kthxbai!

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