Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Amazing Two-Legged Cat Beats The Odds, One Bunny Hop At A Time

Caffrey the amazing two legged cat

Next time you're feeling discouraged, think about Caffrey, the two-legged cat. The 13-year-old Banana Joe look-alike has spent the majority of his life as a tripod after having his hind leg amputated at the age of three, but recently underwent surgery to have a second leg removed.

Veterinarians were able to save Caffrey's front paw after he was hit by a car ten years ago, but four months ago they discovered he had developed a malignant tumor in the repaired limb. His devastated owner did not want to put him through painful treatments that weren't guaranteed to work, so she made the difficult decision to have the leg amputated, even though doctors advised he would have no quality of life with just two legs on the right side of his body.

As you can clearly see from the video above, not only has the spunky Persian adapted, but within days of the expensive surgery, he regained his balance and was running around like a two-legged boss. 

His owner, Sue Greaves, told The Daily Mail"Everyone who sees him is astonished at what he can do. He doesn't seem bothered at all by having only two legs." 


Via The Daily Mail 



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katsrus said...

That is amazing. He's beautiful.
Sue B

enigmachine said...

Cats don't know, don't care or don't let it bother them.

Unknown said...

This kitty is an inspiration. <3

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