Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trooper the Cat Beats The Odds, Is Recognized By Canadian Rock Royalty

(Image credit: Facebook)
Trooper ready to "Raise a Little Hell"

How cool is this? A super-kitty from Canada got a sweet gift from some animal loving rockers to help boost his morale and support his ongoing medical care.

It was a cold day on Saturday, February 11th, when SCAPA Sanctuary volunteers in Stephenville, Newfoundland received an emergency call about an injured kitty. Nothing could have prepared them for what they saw when the arrived, where they found a cat who had been stuck to a driveway for nearly 24 hours with both of its hind legs and bottom frozen to the ice.

After pouring warm water over the area in an effort to release the kitty, he was rushed to the vet where they found three pelvic fractures and probable nerve damage. After being transferred to a larger veterinary college for care, the cat - who was named Trooper as a testament to his fighting spirit - had his tail and one of his legs amputated in an effort to save his life.

Trooper on Trooper
(Image credit: Facebook)

Trooper is now recovering at a loving foster home, where he has become somewhat of an internet celebrity. His heroic tale has spread across the internet, where he has amassed nearly 4,000 Facebook supporters, who have singlehandedly raised $12,000 towards the cost of his mounting medical bills.

Recently, one of his loyal followers reached out to the Canadian rock band Trooper with a request that they dedicate their 1978 hit, "Raise a Little Hell" to the eponymous kitty at one of their concerts. To their credit, the Juno award-winning band did one better - and sent a care package to the feline, complete with a one-of-a-kind cat sized t-shirt for him to wear, plus an autographed CD and photo to be auctioned off to help support his care.

Trooper is still contending with bladder issues that will have to be resolved before it can be decided what's next for him in terms of adoption, but for now he is doing well. Supporters can visit his Facebook page for the latest updates on the persevering puss, or stop by his Chip-In site for information on how to make a donation towards his ongoing medical needs.

Rock on, sweet kitty!



Melissa said...

what a sweet face! Poor kitty! Glad this story has a happy ending for him! :)

meowmeowmans said...

I'm so glad Trooper was saved, and that he's on his way to getting a forever safe and loving home. :)

Angel Prancer Pie said...

What a heartwarming story.

MaryMatthews said...

I wish abundant blessings to cute Trooper and the heroes and heroines helping him!

starification said...

Poor baby :(
I'm glad they were able to help him though.

My Cat Boys said...

What a trooper!

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