Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oldest Working Pub Cat? At 25, Rosie Still Enjoys "Ale Fumes" and Attention


A scruffy UK kitty named Rosie recently celebrated her 25th birthday at the pub she's called home since she was a kitten. The petite cat, who still soaks in the attention she receives in her twilight years, lives at The Swan with Two Necks pub in the village of Pendleton.

Her owner, Christine Dilworth, tells The Daily Mail: "She has always had good company and enjoyed time by the open fire and I think the real ale fumes have helped as well. She is quite frail and she has always been small, but she is a real character. She is so happy when people are around, because she has grown up in a pub. We've had other cats over the years, but Rosie is special. She's a real lady and very gentle and happy even when the children are pulling at her. Not a day goes by without anybody asking how she is and lots of people take photographs of her on their phones - I think she secretly enjoys her celebrity status."

Rosie's long life has not been without its struggles; In recent years, she survived a battle with ear cancer, and outlived her daughter, a 19-year-old cat named Maisie.

Naturally, the Dilworth clan, which also includes the couple's sons Robert, 27 and Michael, 22, can't imagine life without the senior kitty, and hope that she can hold on long enough to celebrate one more milestone with them. Says Christine, "We'll be celebrating 25 years of having the pub on August 25th - it would be great if Rosie was still with us - that would be the icing on the cake."

Click here to check out more photos of Rosie at work!



enigmachine said...

That cat has not become the place.
The place has become the cat.
Bravo, Rosie!

Unknown said...

25 years old? Wow, I didn't know cats could live to be that old - I thought 20 years, max!

Anonymous said...

I had a cat that was 23 yrs. old till the damn neighbor dog attacked her & killed her! I was soooo mad I could have killed it!

RomeotheCat said...

A cat with a job?! We are suppose to be have staff, not become one. Although if I did have a job, I suppose this would be a nice one. Meow!!

Kendy P said...

25 - what a super awesome age!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to this grand old dame and her Pub. In my town (Houston TX) I believe it probably would be against the law to have a Pub cat because they don't allow animals in places where food is served (there has been a big debate here on whether cafes should be allowed to let dogs on OUTDOOR patios.) Which is a shame, Rosie clearly is welcome and has been good for the Pub for over 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Cats, especially indoor kitties can live more than 20 years if they are well taken care of and are lucky enough to escape renal failure and cancer. We had one that lived to 21 and another to 20.

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