Monday, August 22, 2011

Surrealist Feline Fedora Is Latest Entry In Fall Cat Hat Race

Anna Sui, PPQ, and Givenchy are already pumping out designer cat headwear for Fall 2011, and now Yestadt Millinery is the latest brand to throw their hat into the ring. The Feline Fedora ($358, Anthropologie) is a "surrealist velour topper," that's apparently aimed towards the Japanese market.

If a $358 hat that looks like it was made in your bedroom is a little hard to swallow, I also found a cute DIY version by Paper Sparrow that you actually can make in your bedroom for less than $1 (providing you already own a fedora).

I'm curious to know, will you be wearing any cat hats come this September?



Andrea said...

thanks thanks thanks!! by far my most cost saving DIY, yet! I absolutely love the anthro hat, but seriously, felt is cheap. xo

Catsparella said...

@Andrea I like your hat better than the original! :)

leo811 (twitter) said...

cute idea, but totally can DIY! who would pay 300 bucks? good greif.

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