Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Memorial Pet Portrait Made Out of Dog's Ashes

How would you feel if you could not only hold on to your cat's ashes, but also see them every day in a beautiful picture? In the past, I've profiled tribute tattoos, memorial dolls, full-page newspaper ads, and even mummies as ways cat owners have chosen to memorialize their beloved felines, but Gizmodo recently profiled an innovation that takes remembering your pet to a whole new level.

Lars Marcus and Theo of Skrekkogle created the above portrait of their friend's deceased Gordon Setter named Susie, using her cremains as a replacement for ink. The fascinating trial and error process included rebuilding a printer, and even using chocolate powder as a substitute for the ashes before they were able to compose the admittedly stunning finished product.

I'm still not sure whether or not I think the piece of unconventional mourning art is cool or creepy, but the artist's words reveal the depth of its intended purpose:

"Now the portrait containing parts of Susie's body resides on a shelf in our friend's house, as an alternative to burying and hiding away what's left."

Via Gizmodo / Skrekkogle (scroll down the page to view the whole story)



Unknown said...

Lovely portrait. Why not? We all end up "some where else" eventually.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I have to be honest. I think the photo/painting/portrait is beautiful but I can't get past the "creepy" factor, I prefer the urn where I keep Bobo's ashes...

Via Negativa said...

We saw a post on a dog blog awhile back about a company called Art From Ashes. They use a small portion of your pet's ashes to incorporate into an art glass piece - many designs they have to choose from and they do custom pieces too. I especially like the jewelry pieces you can wear. Also, it avoids the "creepiness" factor mentioned above as all you see if a lovely piece of glass.

Pet portraits said...

Well I think this is a very personal idea! But I do find it a bit "creepy" and rather just see my pet in a normal painting. I dont believe that there is anything left of my pet in ash - but that is a very personal point of view - and others might like something like this. My pet is in my thoughts and memories not in the remaining ash.

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