Thursday, August 4, 2011

Proof New York City Men Dig Cat Ladies

Ladies, who says it's your cat that's keeping you single? Jen Doll of The Village Voice has uncovered a slew of Craigslist missed connections ads, posted by (presumably) available, New York City men *gasp* desperately in search of that one, fetching cat lady who got away.

Yes, you heard me. Despite their feline affliction, real live, breathing men still yearn for the companionship of these women. Who knew?

Doll cites several examples of postings she found, including this one, where the man fancies the woman's feline fashion sense:

Cat dress! - m4w (L train)
Date: 2011-08-03, 1:25PM EDT
To the girl with a nose ring that got on the L train this morning around 1st ave or so...I really liked your cat dress! I didn't want to say anything and come off as an AM creeper. But yeah, with the silhouettes of all the cats on dress!

Then there's also this poor chap, who couldn't even be deterred by a lady purchasing "a large amount of cat food":

Last night, around 9:45 PM at CVS on the corner of Queens Blvd & 67th Ave, we had a very brief, but very pleasant exchange while you were purchasing a large amount of cat food. You were wearing a gray suit and have long dark hair. What did we speak about? What did I say as I was leaving? Coffee sometime soon or a drink after work? Looking forward to hearing from you.

And finally, this Proud Cat Dad just can't catch a break. Do you know the woman he's searching for?:

Date: 2011-08-01, 11:08PM EDT
It is The Pet Market on broadway between west 108 st. and west 109 st. I just want to say to the woman with the dark brown hair and glasses that you are amazingly beautiful. I stopped in yesterday to buy some things for my cats and showed you pictures of them. I forgot your name though. I wanted to know if you are single. If you see this email me through here. If anyone knows this lady can you please direct her towards this posting is would be great appreciated. Thanks.



Anonymous said...

This makes me wish Sex and the City was still on the air! It could be a great episode!

Mary Matthews

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