Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fancy Feast Wants You and Colin Cowie To Plan Their Dream Cat Wedding

"I like cats!"

If you thought "The Engagement" was the end of the Fancy Feast wedding saga, you were wrong. Very wrong. The heartwarming clip has already enjoyed over 1 million views on YouTube, a rare feat for a cat food commercial, and was also rated by Nielsen as the "most-liked" commercial for the month of March.

To further the story line, they have enlisted the help of celebrity party planner Colin Cowie, in what surely is his most prestigious gig to date, to help orchestrate the "Storybook Wedding" of Sean and Lisa's consumers dreams.

From now through June 12th, you can visit the Fancy Feast Facebook page to vote for your favorite dress, earrings, and bouquet options for Lisa to wear to the affair. By voting, you can also enter to win some particularly swanky prizes such as a $10,000 NYC shopping spree, $20,000 florist credit, or a $25,000 jewelry prize package.

Overall, I would have liked to have seen a little more diversity in the options. Were some Persian-shaped diamond earrings, or a subtle cat print dress too much to ask for? Maybe Colin needs to consult my post about planning your dream cat wedding for some pointers.

Dress options:
I can't decide between option one and two. I love the top of one, but the skirt on two is so cute and frilly and fun. Decisions!

Earrings options:
I'm intrigued by what's going on in the first pair (I would hate to lay on them the wrong way), but I would probably go with pair number two.

Bouquet options:
I like one and three equally, so it's hard to say. It really depends on the dress.

According to a press release I received, the top choices will be featured in the new Fancy Feast "Storybook Wedding" commercial, slated to debut in August. The fact that a cat food commercial is turning into event advertising is kind of weird and exciting, but also raises a few questions for me, such as:

- Is the kitten going to be in the wedding? I mean, it has to be, right? ...right?!?

- Who is going to watch the cat during the honeymoon? Lisa's parents? (I don't think their cat is going to like that very much!) A cat-sitter?

- What's the cat's name? (I have an obsession with knowing cat's names.) Maybe we should be voting on that!

- Is the cat even real? Every time I watch the commercial, I think more and more that it looks like a little stuffed cat-bot.

UPDATE: Thanks to Marcia, we have confirmed the kitten is indeed real. :) Her name is Marlene, and you can see more pictures of her here!

Kitten or cat-bot? Marlene!

I can only hope that the answers to these questions and more will be revealed when we get a peek at the storybook wedding this summer.

Tell me, what options would you vote for?



Lynn Maria Thompson said...

Can't you just see the skirt of dress #2 with a kitten's claws inextricably entwined in it? That would provide some humorous wedding-day drama! Could perhaps even lead to some last-minute "alterations" to the dress. Mini-bridal gown, anyone? :-D

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

Persian cat earrings! I like your idea!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I voted! I thought we could only vote for the gown today, did I miss something?

Catsparella said...

LOL Lynn!!

@Thanks Ann ;)

@Caren You're right! There's going to be 3 voting periods! d'oh!

justcats said...

Too Funny! I love anything Kitty Themed of course! but Fancy Feast must have the Kitty in the commercial!! I posted a pic of my adorable Cream Persian "Phoebe" on the Fancy Feast site and it was suggested in a comment that she would be a purrfect Flower Girl! She won First Place for "Best Dressed" wearing a pink baby!/notes/bucks-county-vets/bucks-vets-funky-pets-contest-winners-announced/220528477975442. Don't forget that in "Meet the Parents" the Himalayan "Jinksy" was to be the "Ring Bearer" in the wedding! So there has to be Kitty involvement, or where's the commercial Fancy Feast?? There has to be selections that are Kitty Themed! How about a Kitty Themed Cake??And, yes there has to be mention of what is happening to the poor Kitty AFTER the wedding, during the Honeymoon!!

Catsparella said...

@justcats I love Phoebe's dress!!

Linda said...

We love Silver Persians. We breed them. Check out our pictures at

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

We are tail swishing with excitement! Layla will be posting her exclusive interview with you at Cat Wisdom this Sunday.

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