Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lord Tubbington Appreciation Post

"You know, just because we're doing this interview, doesn't mean I'm not mad at you 'cause I know you started smoking, again."

I'm a bit of a Glee fan (See: GleeKITTY), so last night's episode was extra awesome, because we finally got to meet Brittany's cat, Lord Tubbington!

The ditzy character often refers to her unnamed kitty on the show, and a few episodes back, she even let her cat lady flag fly, when she single-handedly led the academic decathlon team to a victory with her encyclopedic knowledge of cat diseases.

Brit has previously revealed suspicions that her cat smokes and reads her diary, and in last night's episode, during a taping of her online talk show, "Fondue For Two," we finally learned that Lord Tubbington is a pudgy chap, who eats human food, is on the Atkins diet, and has no particular opinion of The Aristocats (Which I'll confirm is one of the greatest pieces of classic feline cinema of our time.)

For a brief, shining moment after the episode aired, Lord Tubbington was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, and in less than 24 hours, he even spawned an unofficial Twitter account of his own.

"Lord Tubbington's allowed to eat cheese because he's on Atkins."

Right now, it's unclear if the talented tabby will make any future guest appearances on the show, but based on the way things are going this season, I think they'd better get his agent on the phone right away! Cat Sitter in the City got it right when she declared on Facebook that the corpulent kitty deserves an Emmy nomination for his amazing work.

"Do you think "The Aristocats" is an accurate portrayal of feline relationships?"

All Hail Lord Tubbington!

Images via: Catatar



Clooney said...

Uh, we thought the video was funny! (Maybe because the cat lady flag flies at our house too...)

GooefyGoil said...

im surprised lord tubbington does not have his own glee fan page and now lady tubbington!

Catsparella said...

@GooefyGoil Aragon has a FB page!I

I love Lady Tubbington! :)

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