Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cat Cupcake Tuesdays

Fortune Cat Cupcake by Temeraire

This intricate, Japanese inspired maneki neko cupcake was created by Cakes by Lorinda for the Sydney Royal Easter show. Providing further proof that the beckoning cat brings good luck, it was awarded first place in the decorated cupcakes competition!

Have you created or spotted any kitty-themed baked goods lately? If so, please submit your sweet tips for Cat Cupcake Tuesdays to catsparella@gmail.com!



The Monkeys said...

That is a very beautiful looking cupcake! Almost too nice to eat.

Amin said...

I agree with Monkey...Very beautiful!

Amin said...

I want to inform You...I do not know what is problem...I could not open Your site with Chrome. Several times I did...Chroem could not find.Then I cuold open with Opera.

Catsparella said...

@Amin Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it!

Mr Puddy said...

Aww !!!!! Good looking Cupcake : )

Megan said...

Maneki neko cupcake! :D

BTW, I use Chrome and have never had a problem opening the site.

Catsparella said...

@Megan I thought you'd like it :D Thanks for letting me know about Chrome..I use it too and it's been fine, so I was wondering.

Tamago said...

Wooow, this is the cutest cupcake! I love manekineko :-)

Tillie and Georgia said...

We think that cupcake looks pawsome!!!!!
Mom just wants to dive in and eat it up :o
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

PeeEss: we use chrome and have no problems :)

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

I love the welcoming kitties at Japanese restaurants! The cupcake almost looks like fabric. Too beautiful to eat... almost! tee-hee!

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