Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trendspotting: Cat Butts

While prowling the web for the latest kitty kitsch, I noticed an expanding array of cat butt-themed offerings. From the adorable (coin purse), to the bewildering (gum), don't miss your chance to get behind this growing trend!

Coin Purse -
BlueQ, $3.99

Black and White Tuxedo Catbutt Earrings - Out of the Pink Sky's Etsy Shop, $10.00

Fresh Hyacinth Scented Air Freshner - BlueQ, $2.99

Sharp-End Cat Pencil Sharpener - Perpetual Kid, $11.99

Magnet Set (5 breeds plus bonus hair ball) - BlueQ, $10.99

Peppermint Gum (8 pieces) - BlueQ, $1.25

Cloth-Cat Towel Holder - Perpetual Kid, $19.99

Sticker - BlueQ, $4.99

Coasters - Amazon, $5.95



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