Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Must Have Cute: The Persis Persian Cat Family

While googling for a picture of a cat talking on the telephone (I know!), I came across these criminally cute, fuzzy feline figurines over at SylvanianCity.com. They are like little cotton balls with eyes!

"Twins Roma & Rona Persis are a bit destructive in the nursery. It’s not that they are really naughty, just that they don’t know any better! Between them, they’ve managed to pick holes in the wallpaper and scratched the paintwork on their cot and the nursery door."

"Baby brother Marcus Persis can always be found fast asleep in his sister's lap while she reads her books. He likes his sister because she always manages to find the sunniest sport to sit in!"

And here's a clip of the whole family out for a day of shoe shopping!

These kitties are the definition of must have cuteness! Get yours today at SylvanianCity, but my fellow Americans beware, they are only shipping to the US until October 1st.



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