Thursday, September 2, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Collection

MAC Cosmetics, already on the high fashion felinista radar with last year's Hello Kitty Collection, has introduced a new line for Fall 2010 called Fabulous Felines. The collection, inspired by the most regal kitties, includes makeup in cat fancy shades such Aristo-Cat, Docile, Best of Breed, Pet Me, Burmese Beauty, Defiantly Feline, Kittenish, Fancy Cat, and The Prowl!

Burmese Beauty: A rich teak-olive colour collection for lips, cheeks and eyes that celebrates the well-cared-for, and exalts in her high-borne right to be spoiled.

Luxe Leopard: Looks for lips, cheeks and eyes in a tawny, exotic creme-golden colour palette that betrays both sensual vulnerability and spectacular power.

Palace Pedigreed: A collection of regal blues, plush greys and polished silver for lips, cheeks and eyes as haughty as its finely-favoured feline inspiration - the emerald-eyed, sable-riche Russian Blue.

The hyper-glam site also features a page where you can print out pictures of the fabulous felines, and then upload a picture of your own to the map!

Check out more pictures, and shop the entire collection over at



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