Saturday, September 4, 2010

Games Cats Play

You may have seen this video of Gloria the Cat playing Star Trek: The Game with her owner, Danforth. Poor Gloria is roped into the game when Danforth's friends flake out on game night. Hilarity ensues when the precocious pussycat becomes obsessed with rolling the dice, but not much else.

Next time, maybe Danforth should try one of these more kitty friendly options so Gloria feels more included.

Crazy Cat Lady Game - Fred Flare, $22.00
The premise of this game is fairly simple: Collect as many cats as possible to win!

CAT-OPOLY - Amazon, $21.14
Described as "a feline frenzy of fun!" (full disclosure: I own this game and will have to agree), this property buying game involves purchasing cat breeds instead of real estate.



Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

loved the videos! I stole the cat stuck in a tree one for my Facebook page (Cat Chat)
Poor kitty!

Cat Chat

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