Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Happy Ending for Sizzle the Cat

This week brings us another miraculous tale of a lost cat being reunited with its owner.

The Denver Post is reporting on a very special kitty that survived a terrible fire in Colorado that destroyed thousands of acres of land and charred over 100 buildings. After being rescued, "Sizzle" the cat (as he was renamed) was lucky enough to pull through with only burns on his paws and nose, however it looked as though his luck was running out as he remained the last unclaimed pet from the fire.

As fate would have it, publicity about the lost cat's plight sparked the attention of Lori Church's mother, who alerted her daughter to the cat's story. Church looked at pictures of Sizzle online and felt that he resembled her 4-year-old cat who had been missing for a month, but she remained skeptical because the badly burned feline was located nearly 50-miles away from her home.

A check of a scar on Sizzle's arm (his real name is Morgan) revealed that he was indeed her missing pet, and a happy reunion ensued shortly thereafter!

Lisa Pedersen, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley's chief executive, said in a statement. "Knowing this cat's remarkable story, it makes us wonder if he would have ever been found if he hadn't been injured and rescued in the fire."

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Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I am sooo happy that this story had a happy ending!
YAY Sizzle!!

Anonymous said...

I love happy endings! He's beautiful!

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