Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daring Cat Rescue: Once, Twice, Three Times a Kitty

How many Good Samaritans does it take to get a small cat out of a tree? I lost count while watching this sad (at first)/cute/omg/funny/awesome video posted by the New York Daily News.

The poor kitty was meowing its little head off after being stuck in a tree in Brooklyn for three days! Luckily, after three heroic attempts, the terrified tabby was finally brought down to earth by a professional tree climber.

Attempt #1: New York's Bravest
"C'mon you could do this!"
Status: Failed

Attempt #2: Build a 12-foot bridge to the cat

"Cat would not walk on walkway."
Status: Failed

Attempt #3: Climb the tree

Status: Success!



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