Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Pink Panther

A 22-year-old English woman is facing criticism after being identified as the owner of a hot pink pussycat found wandering around in a garden.

The man who found the cat was "dismissed as drunk by his amused wife when he told her someone had just thrown a pink cat over their backyard fence."

The woman was shocked after going to investigate and finding the cat, dyed so brightly it almost glowed in the dark.

The cat, named Oi! Kitty, was dyed pink by its owner, Natasha Gregory.

Natasha defended herself to The Sun, saying:

"It's my favourite colour, I love it. I've dyed my hair pink and I adore pink clothes. Turning Oi! Kitty pink seemed like a good idea. I always wanted a pink animal - a bit like my hair. After I turned her pink, I was like, 'Oh, she matches my hair!'

I read the instructions on the food colouring and there was nothing that would harm humans or animals. We eat the food the dye is used on, so I knew it wasn't toxic.

I would never hurt an animal. It's just food colourant. I would never put proper dye on an animal."

Oi! Kitty, appropriately renamed "Pink" by her rescuers, is resting comfortably at the RSPCA. The dye is not causing any harm, and they will wait for it to grow out instead of irritating her further by trying to wash it out.

Vet Penny Gillespie told the press:

"Pink is healthy and purrs loudly when you stroke her. She is lovely and I don't understand why someone would be so cruel as to dye her and throw her over a fence."




caren gittleman said...

that cat looks like a bottle of Pepto Bismol!!
What is that sound I hear when I clicked on your blog???

Anonymous said...

have you heard the news about people dye-ing their dogs to make them look like pandas? it's pretty much the same case here. and i think this is much safer because it's just food coloring. i don't really believe the cat was thrown over the fence too.
i'm not trying to defend ms. gregory. i just think that people are causing too much of an uproar over this one.

Anonymous said...

Food colouring is for food, that,s why it's called food colouring. How would the girl have felt had her mother sent her to school, when young, covered in food colouring? Would the girl like to be made to be seen out herself,now, covered head to toe herself in food colouring?

Anonymous said...

She probably would!

Anonymous said...

Why the hell does she not have her cat? I don't agree with dying the cat - but dude, it's food colouring, and it's not being hurt. I find it impossible to believe she threw her cat over a fence - so I don't understand why the cat is at a shelter.

Anonymous said...

i think people should stop it with the dyeing crap and love there animal in its natural coloring,it just pisses me to know end when i see the poor creature some with patches of coloring or to make them look like there favorite sports team even hello kitty STOP IT enjoy your animal in all it's naturalness.

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