Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Taylor Swift's Keds Collection Includes Cat Inspired Sneakers

Taylor and Meredith warming up before a show 
(via @TaylorSwift13)

Good ol' Taylor Swift has teamed up with Keds for her very own snazzy sneaker collection, because what other celebrity can you imagine wearing Keds more than Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift's Champion Favorite Things

The singer, who frequently posts Twitter updates involving her Scottish Fold, Meredith, let her inner cat lady dictate the collection, which includes two adorable feline-themed motifs.

"Taylor Swift's Favorite Things" is a pinkish (red?) sneaker covered in a delightful mix of aqua colored cats, hearts, and bows, with a gold guitar pick charm.

Taylor Swift's Champion Paw Dot

The "Paw Dot" (a mix of polka-dots and cat paws), is available in navy and teal, with a silver, heart-shaped "13" charm attached.

The entire line is pretty cute, and also features other Swiftian signatures such as sunglasses, anchors, flowers and more. 

Shop the entire Taylor Swift Collection now at Keds.com.



Unknown said...

SO cute! <3 the tiffany blue ones!!

Bernadette said...

I would totally wear Taylor swift's Keds with kitties or pawprints.

Georgia said...

I like the pawprint ones.

Unknown said...

I love all of them! I WANT all of them, LOL...

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