Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lil Bub Takes Time To Enjoy The View, Meets Robert De Niro

Lil Bub Visits "The View"! 

I'm still riding high off the excitement of meeting Lil Bub on Monday, and have even more news to report on her whirlwind media tour in support Vice's "Lil Bub & Friendz" documentary. Shortly after she and owner Mike Bridavsky made an appearance on The Today Show over the weekend, the tiny tabby and her dude stopped by The View yesterday, where they charmed everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to Barbara Walters.

TMZ reports that after the show, Bub jetted back to the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, where she snuggled up to festival co-founder, Robert De Niro (check out the adorable pic here). According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar winner specifically requested a meet and greet with the pint sized puss, who is said to be the breakout star of the event.

Even Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are smitten with Lil Bub!

In response to concern from fans over Bub's hectic schedule over the past few days, Mike took to the permakitten's Facebook page to assure everyone of her well being, writing, "BUB and I would like to assure everyone that BUB is feeling great, getting lots of rest, eating lots of fishes and enjoying the trip. Please understand that her well being is my top priority. Remember that in between the interviews and red carpets (which she loves anyway), she is cuddling, napping, peeing, pooping and being awesome. GOOD JOB BUB."

He also shared that her Meet-And-Greets at Social Tees Animal Rescue in NYC and at the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philly netted $2,400 in donations, and hundreds of pounds of food and litter for felines in need.



katsrus said...

She is adorable. Sounds like she is well taken care of.
Sue B

Unknown said...

bahahaha! i knew this would happen! it's only a matter of time before the cats take over the universe! hahahha! LOL >.<

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