Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy National Hairball Awareness Day!

Where's Charlie?

It's the last Friday in April my friends, so you know what that means! It's National Hairball Awareness Day, a time when we "paws" to recognize the hazards of hairballs and take steps to eliminate them, once and fur all!

Once again, FURminator has asked me and several other cat bloggers from across the country to create a project using fur we harvested from our kitties using one of their fine grooming tools. Last year I crafted Katy Perry out of cat hair 
(and won $1,000 for SPAC!), and this year we were tasked with making a mustache out of our cat's excess fluff.

Charlie went all paws in on the challenge, but opted to keep his identity a secret by donning a pair of disguising shades along with his fur 'stache. (Check out the full gallery of incognito kitties over on the Furminator Facebook page!)

Crafting with cat hair isn't all fun and games though, and as we all know, hairballs can be serious business. Since cats groom themselves with their tongues, they naturally ingest loose hair (up to two-thirds!), which can pack together in their stomach to form a hairball. In most cases, the cat will need to throw the hairball up, which is not good for them...or your carpet!

I support National Hairball Awareness Day because my kitties love getting brushed with their FURminator tool (we use this one), which can help reduce shedding and hairballs by up to 90%. Grooming your cat regularly can help prevent hairball issues, and is more effective then using traditional treatments that only address the problem once the hair is already in your cat's belly.

Now that you've got all the facts, me and Charlie would like to wish everyone a very happy National Hairball Awareness Day! After all, it only comes once a year, so grab your kitties and celebrate!

Disclosure: I received FURminator grooming tools in exchange for my participation in this project, however I have been using their brushes for several years and would recommend them anyway. Also, I can't resist a cat hair crafting challenge.



meowmeowmans said...

That's quite the disguise, Charlie! We almost didn't recognize you.

Thanks for the great National Hairball Awareness Day post. That's important stuff!

katsrus said...

Thank you so much. Charlie I did not know it was you.
Sue b

Deborah Julian Cat Art said...

I love the picture!

Clooney said...

Great job with the Groucho Marx look! Charlie is our favorite entry in the gallery, great stache! (PS: We just got our t-shirt in the mail and it is fab, thanks so much!)

RedSetter said...

Wonderful disguise! My two cats take opposing views on grooming. The shorthair would let you groom her bald and the semi-long-haired resists all attempts. I have an impressive collection of cat grroming tools including a few Fruminators but the hairy one just wont play ball.

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