Monday, March 25, 2013

Watch This Cat Walk Her Dog Home On A Leash

Cat Taking The Dog Home

In a stunning new clip posted to YouTube over the weekend, DAFNA kopelis shows us just how far cats have come in their quest for world domination. The uploader claims the bossy kitty took matters into her own paws (or mouth, as it were), and was NOT trained to parade the pup around town like a prized show pony.

While the video is a triumph for cats around the world, the canine population has yet to feel the chilling after effects of the brazen show of feline domination. 

As commenter iamphon99 writes, "Now... this footage is kind of embarrassing for this dog.... He'll never be able to run for public office." 

Via dlisted



enigmachine said...

Inevitable. Dogs will learn their places, as cats take over, just like the rest of us.

katsrus said...

That is so cute.
Sue B

Texas, a Cat in... Austin said...

We rule =^.^=

Anonymous said...

This is incredible. It only goes to show that you never know what's going on when your not around!!!

Anonymous said...

All hail our feline overlords!

Anonymous said...

hi Jackson - love your show - it's amazing and I learn a lot. I am very interested in toys you come up with, I found the little liteballs and the infer red flasher - I have a semi-ferile female - she is as sweet as can be, very well behaved (not a cat from hell) BUT although she comes to be petted it's only with my foot and only a very small touching of my hand on her cheek and chin - she wants to play but seems to loose interest - I saw a toy on the story of Bueberry (the deaf & blind cat) - it is mechanized with a ball (shine,fuzzy) and some disks that spin around. I think Maggie would like it but I can't find it. Is there a list of the toys you come up with? She really needs something with animation - I know this is more than a comment but I really would appreciate some info - you are just amazing and the biggest "pussy cat" I've ever seen - keep it going your great. thanks Maggie's mom


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