Monday, March 18, 2013

Resident Nursing Home Cat Celebrates First Birthday With Adorable Bash

While I was busy dressing Charlie in little cat bow ties and eating more corned beef and cabbage than you can shake a stick at this St. Patrick's Day (Thanks, Aunt Elaine!), one Lawrence, Kansas nursing home was throwing the cutest cat party in recent history.

The guest of honor was a black kitty named Patrick, who celebrated his first birthday to much fanfare from adoring residents at Brandon Woods nursing home. The cat moved into the facility last month with his 87-year-old owner, Frank Carlson, and has been capturing hearts ever since.

Home health aide Helen Bennett, who works at Brandon Woods told Lawrence Journal-World that Patrick has taken on the unofficial role of "cat therapist", and is "available to cheer up residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week." She also says, "At first, he was called “Snookums,” but his name was changed when folks found that hard to remember."

The residents enjoy entertaining the playful puss with fishing rod toys, and some have even become so attached to the resident feline that they won't come to dinner unless he is around.

As for the birthday festivities, Bennett revealed that she planned to have a catnip scavenger hunt for Patrick to follow from room to room, cat masks, presents, and even *drumroll please* cupcakes! There was also talk of someone dressing up in a black cat costume, and if I lived in Kansas, I would have happily volunteered.

If you're in the mood for some warm fuzzies, click over to LJW to check out this adorable shot of Frank Carlson giving Patrick a sweet squeeze. Unless you're a vampire, your heart will be warmed.

Via Lawrence Journal-World



katsrus said...

Aww that picture is so sweet of Patrick and Frank. When I worked at an assisted living the residents loved having pets visit.
Sue B

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