Friday, March 15, 2013

Inside The Curious World Of The Balletcats

The Entire Cat Population Is My Best Friend

You want to talk about crazy cat ladies? While the rest of us are sitting at home, dusting off our collection of kitty figurines, these girls (and guy) are sporting gear that glorifies blood, cats, and perhaps best worst of all, bad grammar.

The Balletcats was founded in 2008 by Indonesian based designer and illustrator, Jordan Marzuki. The label first appeared on my cat fashion radar in 2011, with their infamous "The Entire Cat Population Are My Best Friend" design. The sweatshirt was a huge hit, generating hits and pins (Pinterest talk, y'all) long after I posted it, and leaving many eager cat ladies wondering where they could get one of their own. 

The latest Balletcats collection, "Tome no. 1", went on sale earlier today, and is not for the easily offended or faint of heart. While uncomfortable to look at, I appreciate the artistry behind the "I Dislike Curiosity, They Killed The Cat" sweater -- and who can't relate to the phrase, "I Love Pancakes, Cats & Strangling People"? Then there's the black cat tote, where a faux fur tail substitutes for a boring old bag handle, and a tee that suggests gun violence as an answer to animal abuse.

The "Cat Population" sweatshirt was also re-released as part of the new line, but it looks like designers bowed to pressure to update "are" to "is". A win for grammar enthusiasts, but a loss for lolcats everywhere.

Visit to shop the entire collection.

I Dislike Curiosity, They Killed The Cat

You Hurt Cats, I (Shoot) You In The Head

I Love Pancakes, Cats & Strangling People



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