Thursday, March 28, 2013

Around The World In 80 Cats #28: Budapest

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Forget "Around the World in 80 Cats"..I want to go around the world in 80 cat cafes!

Cat Café opened last month in the heart of Budapest, just minutes away from St. Stephen's Basilica
. The catty coffee shop is currently home to fifteen gorgeous felines, who are tasked with looking cute and napping, while patrons enjoy a delicious drink. 

Owner Krisztina Balotay told Reuters that she was inspired to open a cat establishment in the Hungarian capital after hearing a report about the cat cafe phenomenon in Japan. Visitors to her shop say that the cats cheer them up, and provide comfort in the absence of their own kitties. 

In addition to the video above, I also found some great shots on the Cat Café Budapest Facebook page, that offer a glimpse into life at the stylish cafe. There's also some mouthwatering images of their tasty treat offerings (like
 a bewhiskered chocolate cream cup), along with many pictures of adorable (and happy) cats!

Kitties who live/work in cafes are typically well cared for, and visitors must abide by strict rules to ensure their happiness and safety. There are now over 40 cat cafes in Japan, and the trend has spread to European cities like Vienna, and to London, where Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium is expected to open later this year.

Via / Facebook (Cat Café Budapest) / Cat Cafe Budapest

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Katie Isabella said...

I SO love this. I wish I were there.

Georgia said...

I wonder if this would go over in the US? I would like it, but some people hate cats on a table.
If you travel a lot and miss your kitties, this would be a wonderful place to visit.

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