Thursday, March 7, 2013

Community Comes Together To Find Missing Cat Of Woman Injured In Home Explosion

Leo before the blast

In a bright spot to an otherwise very sad story, a severely injured woman's cat has been found safe, 10 days after they both survived a devastating home explosion.

Raquel Nunn's life changed forever on February 23, when a gas leak explosion destroyed the apartment she shared with her beloved cat, Leo. The violent burst left Nunn, 26, with burns covering over 60% of her body, and claimed all of her possessions.

Leo was spotted fleeing the scene of the accident, but firefighters were unable to catch him in the commotion. Family and friends sent up a Facebook page to support Raquel's recovery, which also included updates on the missing cat. 

Within days, several sightings of the 20 pound black kitty started pouring in, as volunteers posted signs, and tried to lure him in using his favorite snacks, including shrimp and green beans. 

Leo sustained burns to his paws, but is going to be just fine!

Fortunately, he was finally trapped on Tuesday, and the family celebrated with the following Facebook update:

"LEO HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!! He had some burns on his paws and some fur was burned off, but he is okay! He's recovering just like his Mommy, and I know she will be so happy to know that he is being taken care of! All his expenses are covered by the vet! Thank you all for keeping an eye out for this little furbaby! Raquel's family greatly appreciates everyone coming together to find him!!!"

Raquel is still in the hospital in critical condition, but hopefully knowing that Leo is safe will put her mind at ease. Earlier this week, her sister Claudia told NBC 10 Philadelphia, "She loves that cat. Once we get him back I think she'll be able to fully focus on herself."

The family is currently accepting donations of all kinds for Raquel, including money and clothing. Visit the Recovery for Raquel Facebook page for updates and more information. 

Via NBC10 Philadelphia / Facebook (Recovery for Raquel)



Kendy P said...

happy news!

Sparkle said...

How awesome that so many humans kept a lookout for Leo!

Gen said...

Thanks God that´s been a happy ending for both Leo and his owner!

katsrus said...

How scary. So glad there will be a happy ending.
Sue B

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