Friday, March 15, 2013

Feline Font Generator Turns Any Word Into Cute Cats

Looking for an online distraction in place of doing actual work? Neko Font provides minutes upon minutes of fun, by turning your name, your cat's name, or your friend's cat's name, into a cool font made out of felines.

The cat font generator is a Japanese website, but fortunately for us, it churns out English characters, exclusively comprised of cats. Just type in the word of your choice, and poof! You're instantly rewarded with cuteness.

According to Crunchyroll, the furry characters are made out of two kitties named Raizo and Mondo - the former "a boy who loves to clown around" and the latter "a cool girl who loves to snack" (um, who doesn't?)


Sadly for Twitter enthusiasts and people named Barbara, the system can't handle hashtags or the letter B just yet (have you ever tried to make a # using only two cats?), but they're working on it, so that shouldn't stop you from expressing yourself through feline based fonts. 

Neko Font also has additional "pet fonts" planned for the future, so my dream of seeing "Catsparella" spelled out in little black and white Priscilla and Charlie cats could still come true.

Update: Good news! Thanks to @CatFoodBreath and @GHookerMLS, we now know that small "b" works!



JA said...

This is too fun! Thanks!

katsrus said...

That is too cute. Thank you.
Sue B

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I just did it with "caren" and it looked awful :(

Bernadette said...

You mean I have to wait to do my name? I wonder when we'll be able to buy it for use in print!

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