Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Print Your Own Kitty Shirt on a Budget Using Nothing but a Potato and Some Paint

How cute is this hand printed black kitty shirt? Would you believe it if I told you it was made from fabric paint...and potatoes?? Yup, that's right. The same starchy veg you mash up and eat with oodles of butter and sour cream also makes the purrfect printing tool!

Potato Power

The lovely Vanessa over at Take Only Memories had the ingenious idea after drawing inspiration from Leah Goren's Kitty Cat Tee on Etsy. While she was in love with the design, it was a little out of her price range, so she turned to a potato to get the job done. 8 Euros for the shirt, and 42 cents for the tater later, she had this awesome DIY, designer piece!

Imagine all of the possibilities for potato pussycat goods..tees, totes, moleskins. I definitely think I'd have to brush up on my potato carving skills, though. I was telling Vanessa that the last time I did potato art was when I was in the Girl Scouts, and we carved hearts out of them to make Valentine's Day cards! Oh, those were the days.

Want to learn how to make a spudly creation of your own? Check out Take Only Memories for complete instructions, and more great pics!

Via Craft, with big thanks to Yvette for the tip!



Kendy P said...

that is such a cute shirt!!!!

Anonymous said...

i want to make one...jealous

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