Thursday, June 16, 2011

Samsung Uses New Technology To Trick Cats and Kittens

Cats, beware of Samsung and their tomfoolery!

In an attempt to illustrate that the AT&T Samsung Infuse offers, "Colors so real, it's almost unreal," the cell phone provider employs an impossibly fuzzy orange kitten with a loud purr and a tiny, heart-shattering "mew!" to do its bidding.

The little pumpkin colored chap chases after a ball of string that doesn't really exist (a metaphor for life, perhaps?), while all I can think about is HOW MUCH BETTER this is than their current "Spider" commercial that scares the crap out of me every time (I don't mind the spider so much as the woman screaming bloody murder.)

(Advance video to 0:50 for cat rescue action)

Meanwhile, in this second commercial for the Galaxy Tab, Samsung once again plays up the naïveté of felines, as the tablet is used to lure a disgruntled looking Persian out of a tree using realistic fish imagery.

I don't think he's buying it

While they may easily be thwarted by new technology, at least someone at Samsung recognizes that cats are smart enough to sell electronics!

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Alex said...

I love my big cats, but that Samsung commercial made me want a little kitten so bad!

Lucy said...


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Samsung must be obsessed with cats. They also made the new phone that Sprint has out now...the one with the kitty commercial as well...I, of course, fell for the marketing ploy and now have the phone.......

Anonymous said...

now i am sold! meow!!!

Anonymous said...

I adore cats to death!! Pistachio and DQ also used our beloved cats as their marketing strategy

Unknown said...

I just haz dis to say, "meow".

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