Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feline Fashion Shoot at Caboodle Ranch Cat Sanctuary

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As if we could love cat lady turned fashion photographer Kristiina Wilson any more, now she's back with another amazing feline-themed shoot at the Caboodle Ranch Cat Sanctuary in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Founded in 2003 by Craig Grant, Caboodle Ranch is a 30 acre non-profit rescue sanctuary described as a "cat sized village" for homeless kitties. Hundreds of wayward felines are able to roam free, while Craig and his staff, along with countless volunteers ensure their happiness and well-being. Cats are not up for adoption, rather they are free to live their lives out at the permanent cat sanctuary.

The gorgeous shoot features model Aiden, and was done for a German mag called "Kinki."

aidencats from Kristiina Wilson on Vimeo.

Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes video, and click here to see more pics from the shoot on Kristiina's site!

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Gigi said...

The kitties outshine the models without even trying, MOL! We saw your picture on Sparkle's site, Catsparella. Spitty thinks you're purty!

Cat said...

I love the caboodle ranch!!!! That has to be the best modeling gig ever...I would have paid them - LOL!!! The dude could have been a little happier I thought, but then again I guess the sullen look is in :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yaaaay! I've been waiting for these pics to get released (but you know that) :D Love the Caboodle Ranch sooo much.


MyFuZZyButtZ said...

Yes, this kind of fur - that lives and PURRS is the best kind to use in a fashion shoot!

Stop the suffering said...

visit to see the real side of Caboodle Ranch.

stop the suffering said...

Visit Facebook page Caboodle Ranch:Save the Kitties to see the real side of Caboodle Ranch. Please stop sending cats to Caboodle Ranch as it is overpopulated and the man is extremely overwhelmed and the cats are not getting the medical attention needed and are dying at alarming rates. The man operating Caboodle Ranch is a hoarder and won't turn away a cat therefore others need to help by stop sending cats.

Dana Strunk said...

Caboodle Ranch wants you to believe that those who are critics of the ranch is unstable and have a personal vengence against Craig. However, that is far from the truth. The people who've shared their horrible experiences and photos are people who first hand witnessed the mass suffering. These people have provided sworn testimony So many people would not committ pergury and risk legal consequences simply because they have a personal vendetta against someone. People, please be sensible. When something is too good to be true, then it most likely it isn't true. For more evidence of hoarding at Caboodle Ranch, visit FB page Caboodle Ranch: Save the kitties.

Anonymous said...

New Caboodle Ranch video:

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