Wednesday, June 15, 2011

7 Feline-centric Father's Day Gifts For Your Cat Loving Dad

Father's Day is coming up this Sunday, June 19th, and what's a gal (or guy) to get the cat loving man in their life to celebrate? Sure, there's plenty of feminine cat trinkets on the market for Mother's Day, but ol' Dad is caught holding the short end of the stick when it comes to cat merchandise.

So, whether your cat loving pops is more into the stockbroker look, or sweatshirts, here's a list of seven appropriately kitschy items to show him how much you and kitty care.

If you have some money to drop, you can always go traditional with this fancy Salvatore Ferragamo Cat Tie (Bloomingdale's, $170.00). I've enhanced the kitty print so you can get a closer look at how cute it really is, and see that it's subtle enough to be worn at the office, or at a more formal jacket & tie affair.

Cuter still, is the I Love Dad Pet Tie (Gypsy Tailor, $10.00). I'm pretty sure any cat dad worth his salt, would melt at the site of his fur child sporting this tiny accessory!

You've got the tie covered, so now comes the accessories. How about this charming Elliot the Cat Tie Tack (Mama's Little Babies, $15.00)?

And of course, you have to complete the look with these sterling silver Cat & Mouse Cufflinks (Jan Palombo Design, $70.00).

In addition to major online retailers and Etsy, Zazzle and Cafepress have also proven to be a hotbed of unusual (some VERY unusual..) Cat Dad items. Let's take a look..

My favorite is this Best Cat Dad Sweatshirt ($28.15), I first posted about back in December.

Then there's always the patriotic Devoted Cat Dad Trucker Hat ($12.00), just in time for July 4th!

Or, you can drill down even further and go breed specific with this line of "Cat Dad" tees and gifts by Dopey Dog Artwork. (46 styles in all!)

Do you or your cats have anything special planned for Dad this year? Mine reads this blog, so my lips are sealed!

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Ann Dziemianowicz said...

I love the Ferragamo tie! Wouldn't that make a lovely scarf! Also the kitty cat tie is adorable!

Mr Puddy said...

I think the first one, I should get for my daddy : )

Lolcat Lisa said...

Have you ever noticed how all of the Father's Day cards have dogs, not cats? What an injustice. However, I ordered the cat tie for my dad. Thanks once again, Stephanie for finding the purrfect gift.

Catsparella said...

@Lolcat Lisa Actually, I did notice that when buying a card for my Dad! Aw, so glad I could help!! :D I hope he likes it!

Gigi said...

I would not be caught dead wearing anything but my fur suit, although the Human thinks that kitty tie is adorable.

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