Thursday, June 16, 2011

Barely There Cat-Inspired Evening Wear

Cover your tee-tees with some kee-ties

Brazilian designer Reinaldo Lourenço’s recently debuted his spring 2012 collection called, “Diamonds and Dogs,” as a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. The line was inspired by “beasts and delicate waists, the enhancement of the sparkle diamonds, the America of baby boom, the sex appeal of the Golden Years, and fancy poodles, as a luxury accessory.”

Oddly enough, Fashionista reports that not one item in the collection included dogs, however there were several dresses and pantsuits topped with bra covering cat heads, as a silent nod to Taylor's role in "Cat on A Hot Tin Roof."

I KNOW you guys are going to have some thoughts on this one, so tell me: Can I count on you to be wearing these looks come spring 2012?

Via Fashionista / Image credit: Agência Fotosite/Zé Takahashi via

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Lucy said...

Oh my goodness! I can't decide if it's sexy or just silly. I'm leaning towards silly :P

cate said...

Oh wow - I like the black best, but they definitely call for a pair of well rounded boobs to set them off :D

Princess Jasmine said...

Aren't they lovely. I think mummy would need a dress with big kitties though hee he :)xx

Mr Puddy said...

Beautiful Dress, All human men will drooling !

Louis said...

These are really nice dresses. I like the concept which is about cats. They look fantastic in that outfit.


Florence Carole said...

You're not alone Lucy. I'm leaning towards silly as well. Check out the other pieces in his collection, and you'll see simple dresses that have sleek colors, materials, and feminine shapes. His attempt to portray a distinctly American 1950s feminine but with modern silhouettes was a success.

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dress shirts said...

Not sure about the cat-inspired outfit. They're quite silly for me. Like Florence, I also prefer the other pieces in the collection. Such femininity in some of the dresses.

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