Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cat Cupcake Tuesdays

Cat cupcakes by SpecialCakes/Tracey

Hey kittens! This Tuesday brings us an assortment of cat cuppies from Special Cakes and Cakes by Sally Bath! I love the swirly texture and bright colors of the first set, and the smooth white icing and licorice whiskers of the second! Eat up!

cat cupcakes by cakesbysallybath

Have you created or spotted any kitty-themed baked goods (or other foods) lately? If so, please submit your sweet tips for Cat Cupcake Tuesdays to catsparella@gmail.com!

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Anonymous said...

yummmyyy :D


Royal Ruskies said...

Wow these look really yummy! Mommy would love these and so would my brother Jake! He is not supposed to eat cake but he steals it sometimes HEHEHE! I am Elwood the good brother....Well sometimes HEHEHE! We want to say thank you for the nice compliment on our out fits. We love to dress up and Mommy loves to shop so everybody wins! :0) Hope you are all having a great week!

The Monkeys said...

Those look delicious!

Julia Williams said...

Argh!!! I hate you because now I really, really, REALLY want a cupcake. Love the ones in the first picture, so colorful and cheery.

Catsparella said...

@Julia LOL, don't hate me! I always have to resist running to the cupcake shop on Tuesdays too! ;)

Angie, Catladyland said...

Cute AND tasty-looking!

Abigail, Madison, Lisa said...

wow, I think these are the yummiest looking cat cupcakes I have seen yet! mmm

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