Monday, April 11, 2011

Russian Lotto Ad Launches Cat Into Space

The Russian lottery wants you to know that no matter how big your dreams are, they can help make them come true!

On a side note, the cat in this commercial is one hell of an actor. I don't think it's a stretch to say that the range of emotions and facial expressions it achieves in 45 seconds bests the entire repertoire of some human Hollywood stars.



Tamago said...

Wow, I love this commercial! It is so funny, and yes, the kitty is a very good actor!! I think what makes this commercial so funny is his(her?) face expression. He deserves an award!

jilian said...

A Golden Globe for sure!!!

T said...

OMC HOW DO YOU FIND THESE THINGS!!!! I WILL hypnotize you and find out! :)
LOVED it and agree with you re: the kitty actor/actress!

Catsparella said...


jc said...

This video is brilliant, cat power!

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