Friday, April 1, 2011

Meow Mix: All The Latest Cat News You Can Use (April Fool's Edition)

Charlie Sheen Brands Face with Eye of the Tiger? - Pawesome

Keyboard Cat signs to ARK Music Factory, the same label behind teen sensation, Rebecca Black!

YouTube is counting down the 'Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911.' Fast forward to 1:38 to see the grandaddy of Keyboard Cat, "Flugelhorn Feline," play him off!

New from ThinkGeek: The Bonsai Kitty Plush. Kitteh in Bottle = Amazing Internet Meme or One Squashed Cat?

April Fools! You are now a cat. - Catatar



Sarah said...

Keyboard cat is way too awesome... I'm dying laughing at work over here. OMG.

Brian's Home Blog said...

I love that last picture!!!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

the last pic is my fave as well!!!
Charlie Sheen? L-O-S-E-R!!!

Tasha said...

hahahahah Keyboard Cat. Love it!

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