Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whiskas 'Cat Love' Commercials are Crazy Cute

How have I not seen these before?! I happened upon this set of Whiskas cat food commercials on YouTube today, and had to share. In addition to starring a gorgeous American Shorthair, and being quite funny, I think my favorite part is that two out of three of the spots actually feature crazy cat MEN!

Conference Call

Dinner Guests

Tee Time



Lise Silverwolf said...

LOL...OMG...I've actually been guilty of doing the exact same thing as spot # 2: Dinner Guests. Thankfully, our friends are cat lovers too and understand. :)

Brian's Home Blog said...

Cute fur sure, ya gotta love those!

Nadbugs said...

The conference call was hilarious. Sure am glad you find these things for us.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

you know what? I had never seen these either! Are you sure they actually aired?????
They were fantastic! I agree with Nad about the conference call and I loved the girl with the cat

Catsparella said...

Good question, Caren! I'm actually not sure!

Catsparella said...

Aw, thanks Bugs!

HH and The Boys said...

OMC... those are great.!!!! Thanks for posting them.

pawhugs, Max

Raven said...

These commercials appear regularly up here in Canada... :)

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