Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stars of YouTube: Shirobu

A few weeks ago, I posed a question to everyone on my Facebook page, asking what their favorite cat video was (this was my contribution!). Everyone made solid recommendations, and a lot of you posted clips I've never seen before, and was happy to discover.

One of my favorite finds was from Marcia of Just Cats Boutique, who pointed me in the direction of the YouTube Channel of tomomama3. The videos on the channel document the life of Shirobu, a six-year-old Flame Point Himalayan cat from Japan. I'd seen a few of his videos before in passing, such as this classic birthday clip:

And this one, where he's sitting at a table eating dumplings like he's people, but I didn't realize that there was a WHOLE channel of videos (78 to be exact) dedicated to this larger than life glamourpuss. Mesmerized, I couldn't stop watching his cat-ventures, ranging from riding around in a stroller wearing a bunny hat, to dressing up like Marilyn Monroe, and drove my friend Alison bananas sending her my favorite screen shots from his epic videos.

Hmm. Yeah, I don't know.


"Happy Birthday, Mr. Purr-esident!"

Tiny furniture!!! (You can hear him snoring!)

Seal vs. Shiboru

This one is supposed to be about vampires.

The bottom line is, if this fluffball with a penchant for wearing wigs doesn't make you smile, I can't help you.

More Shirobu videos this way!



Megan said...

Love those videos! I discovered them a few months ago...should go back for an update! They made me laugh OUT LOUD.

Clooney said...

Oh my. This guy is quite something, isn't he! He looks pretty comfy-cozy in that tiny bed of his. (We like your caption of ...Mr. Purr-esident! Funny!) His B-Day video is hilarious!

Marcia said...

LOVE him! He is like my snoring Donny on the couch right now! My daughter actually discovered this cat and we were hooked on his videos.Persians are so cute and silly and sometimes like to dress up and play pretend! At least one of mine does. Just big stuffed animals with big purrsonalities!

Yogi said...

Another popular cat from Japan!!! cool.

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