Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jonathan Adler 'Kitty Krack' Treat Canister

Kitty Krack Treat Jar -, $120.00

"Beyond denial, stash your kitty's stuff in style.."

Designer Jonathan Adler, whose quirky, modernist home collection already includes chic feline salt and pepper shakers and fierce stoneware figurines, has given his humorous, and always stylish take on treat storage with the 'Kitty Krack' canister. At $120.00, the glorified Temptations holder is anything but a cheap fix, but this dizzying piece of pop cultural art will definitely help up your cat's street cred!

Alas, poochie owners shouldn't despair; A 'Puppy Uppers' version is also available for dogs.



HH and The Boys said...

I was thinking that maybe the boys need a Kitty Krack jar, but then I saw the price. We'll have to save up a while for that one.

Have a great day,

pawhugs, Max

Daisy said...

Do want!

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