Friday, April 8, 2011

French Connection Goes Kitten Crazy

Perhaps capitalizing on the internet cat craze, several high profile brands not related to cats at all have taken to using them as featured players in their bid at viral advertising. Geico is currently running this spot featuring a cat and dog car chase, Skittles has thrown their hat in the ring with this interactive kitty commercial, and now the clothing brand French Connection has also released their own piece of cat-vertising. The 28 second spot for their Spring/Summer 2011 Men's collection features a handsome male model covered in adorable fluffy kittens, with the ultimate tag line questioning, "You Are Man?"

The video description offers up this further vague explanation: "THE MAN is a friend of diminutive felines. The kittens like him OK."

I have no idea what it all means..but yay, kittens!



HH and The Boys said...

Those kittens are spectacular... I love them.

pawhugs, Max

Gigi said...

Yay, Kittens! Yay, Handsome Man!! (This was my Human's comment, not mine I hasten to add).

Tasha said...

LOL I've also notice more men now are openly professing their love for cats. My fiance is a prime example. He coos and gushes over our cat. haha

Nellie and Neo said...

I love the expression on the guys face :-)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who he is?

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